Qtake HD

Touchscreen UI
Experience resolution independent User Interface with finger-sized controls, suitable for touchscreen operation. Create custom user layout for each screen to put your most wanted features under your fingertips. If you prefer using the keyboard – check out our unique Visual Shortcuts.
Instant Record & Playback
After each recording, QTAKE HD can automatically switch from LIVE to DISK mode, making your shot review just a click away. Insert markers and chapters during recording and use multiple in/out points for series of takes!
Auto Record
QTAKE HD features Auto Recording for RED One, Epic, Scarlet and ARRI Alexa using special flags embedded into SDI stream. For all other digital cameras QTAKE provides auto recording based on rec run timecode. You won’t miss any more takes!
Camera Metadata
Digital Cinema cameras from RED or ARRI can embed additional information into SDI signal. QTAKE HD can read this data and store it to improve project workflow. By reading camera media filename, QTAKE HD files can be used for conform-ready offline editing.
Teradek Cube
Using STREAM module, you can capture wi-fi signal directly from Teradek Cube transmitter, without the need for additional equipment. QTAKE HD will transcode h264 RTSP stream to an intra-frame codec, to capture edit-ready media.
Capture Codecs
Choose the codec that fits your postproduction worflow or just make your selection based on quality/space requirement ratio. QTAKE HD supports all flavors of Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate, DVCPRO HD and Uncompressed movie codecs.
H264 Proxy Clips
While recording original signal, QTAKE HD can simultaneously record processed frames to create streamable dailies. Use Light Iron’s LivePlay to stream proxy clips to iPad immediately after take is recorded.
Off-speed and Ramps
In addition to standard playback controls, you can playback clips with variable speed or create customizable ramps. Add multiple keyframes with speed control to create ramps instantly without rendering.
Scopes & False Color
Using SCOPES Module, you can analyze live or playback image using realtime Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram tools. In addition, this module provides adjustable False Color mode for analyzing image exposure.
Extensive Clip Database
Shot logging is the essential part of professional video assist. QTAKE HD can store standard scene data as well as extended meta-data like camera settings and various shot notes. And you can enter every field before, during or after recording.
Visual Shot Browser
QTAKE HD has the most intuitive clip browser to help you find the right take in a second. It uses the combination of tree-based view and thumbnails to achive this. You can filter clips by rating to reveal only the director’s favorite ones.
GPU Image Processing
Forget the hardware boxes for picture adjustments. Now you can move, scale and rotate your image, apply color correction and display format mask – both for live signal and playback. No need for hardware mixers – create live composites inside QTAKE HD.
Realtime Composite
With QTAKE HD you can prepare the vfx shots with ease. Create realtime 2 layer composite with various blend-modes, blue/greenscreen keying or wipe transition. You can use any two sources for overlay, live or disk.
Render Output
Do you need more than 2 layers for your vfx shot? Just process out your composite and add infinite number of layers, rendering to uncompressed RGB format without quality loss.
QTAKE HDx2 can perform live preview, capture and playback directly to a 3D monitor. QTAKE HD processes left and right eye SDI feed into variety of industry standard formats. Using MUXER module single QTAKE system can serve two 3D rigs.
3D LUTs and CDL
Digital cameras usually provide flat, low contrast output. QTAKE HD can perform realtime color grading using industry standard CDL color corrections. In addition you can import and apply Iridas 3D Luts, that will be stored separately for each clip.
On-set Editing
Check the action timing or continuity with the built-in editing tool. QTAKE HD features intuitive single-track NLE capable of dual-view trimming to help you visually adjust every cut. You can change the fx and speed of each shot on a timeline or use the match-frame feature to find the source shot.
Export to 3rd party apps
Do you need more sophisticated editing application to satisfy your needs? You can export your project to Final Cut Pro with the captured media and the clip meta-data. QTAKE HD will create FCP bins for all scenes and shots!
Drag&Drop import
Import video, audio, stills and CDL color corrections. Using predefined filename parser, clips can be imported from AJA KiPro, Sound Devices PIX and other external recorders while storing scene data contained in filenames.
PDF Report
Export shooting reports with thumbnails and metadata to PDF documents. Reports will include every important piece of meta-data associated with media. Filter clip selection by shooting day, scene and other clip properties.
Network Link
QTAKE HD can control 8 systems for simultaneous capture and playback of up to 18 cameras or 9 stereoscopic 3D rigs. You can use wired or wireless network to easily connect QTAKE slave machines.
Videohub control
Control BMD Videohub using unique visual interface directly from QTAKE HD. Create pairs for stereo routing or lock individual routes. You can create up to 10 presets to instantly switch 16 routes.
GPI Triggering
You can trigger background playback and at the same time record a new clip, while monitoring live composite. Or use frame-by-frame recording triggered by motion-control rig to shoot scale-model shots.
Remote Control
We have implemented UDP based remote control protocol to allow integration with 3rd party systems. This protocol is used in QTAKE 3D Control iOS application used by stereographers to remotely pull post-convergence on parallel 3d rig shots.
QTAKE Monitor
Turns any iOS device into wireless on-set monitor with a very low latency of just 1.5 frames. In addition to dual camera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use TALKBACK feature to communicate with QTAKE Operator.
Control Surface
QTAKE HD supports Avid (former Euphonix) Artist Series and Tangent Element Control Surfaces. Each panel can be customized to control your favorite functions.
3D Rig Support
QTAKE HD can read and store 3D meta-data UDP feed from 3ality Technica SIP Box. Using OSD feature you can display video output with rig data burn-in for live image and playback.